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An annual event that is organized by the Young Folks League (YFL) exclusively for the congregation members of our church. 
The sports & games organized are Football, Cricket, Throw ball, Table Tennis, Badminton, Carrom, Tug of War, Relay and also  exciting games for the Sunday School children, held at The Cathedral School Grounds & in the church Parish hall. The age categories for the games for both Men & Women are a) under 16, b) 16 years to 35 years c) 35 years and above. 
This year (2017) in addition to the games conducted for the congregation, an Inter Church Mixed Relay competition was also organized. 
"SPORTS FEST" -- fosters Unity, brings our congregation members together to compete with each other in Good Spirits for a time of Fellowship and Camaraderie.


July 29th - August 20th 

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