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On a sunny Sunday morning in July of 2013, ten  men from the All Saints Congregation met at  the Parish Hall with the intention of electing office bearers, for the yet to be formed Men’s fellow ship. This was the beginning of the journey of our fellowship.

The numbers that came for the first meeting were so few, that we wanted to postpone the election till we get better attendance, however it was decided to go forward with the election of the office bearers from those present.

This is where it started to get very interesting. Padre announced the positions as President, Secretary, and Treasurer.   Names were suggested for the various posts and each of us fought valiantly and highly energetically proclaiming many good reasons why we cannot take responsibility for the afore mentioned posts. Oh, it was getting hard to fill the posts. Each of us was at our convincing best. Nevertheless the elections proceeded and were done.

Many meetings and three years later the ASC Men’s fellowship is a vibrant group of more than 40 men of all ages and occupations who through their fellowship have forged strong bonds of acquaintance and friendship.

Christian Fellowship: In Christianity, a term (translated from the Greek koinonia) referring to individual Christians who are in Christian communion with each other.

One of our reasons to exist as a group of men from All Saints Church is to demonstrate a behavior of being in Christian communion with each. This we do through the various activities or events that evolve from our meetings every first Sunday of the month after church service... With the ever present, presence of our loving Jesus Christ, the last three years has seen the ASMF evolve into a powerful group of Christian men, who have been blessed with many interesting and blessed events.

Below is a list of some of the events conducted under the banner of the All Saints Church Men’s Fellowship.

  • Visits to Karunashree Cancer Hospice

  • Day out fellowship to Somanahalli, Muthurayan hill top-Twice

  • Weekend Fellowship to Horsley Hills

  • Praise and worship at Madanapalle at one of our members home

  • Passion Sunday singing by different choirs at church

  • Participated in Harvest Festival celebrations

  • Christmas Carols to ASCMF members homes

  • Clean up project of All Saints Church

  • Painting the Bell & Cross

  • Outreach program at Electronic city

  • Bicycle Trip to Mysore to raise funds

  • Organising and installing benches in the garden

  • Naming of plants that are represented in the bible in the compound

  • Spreading the word of God through messages in different church’s and book circulation

  • Prayer visits to the sick of our church


With our Heavenly Father’s guidance, many more events and activities in the years to come……


The All Saints Church Men’s Fellowship

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