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The Youth Fellowship of All Saints’ Church is called the “Young Folks League” and actively participate in the church activities. The youth fellowship meeting is held every Saturday at 5PM, where we begin with a praise and worship session, followed by a very detailed bible study on the topic for the day. Various speakers who are involved in Christian ministry, are invited to lead the youth every Saturday in our journey to learn more about our Saviour. The teens are also a part of the “Young Folks League” and work together to bring glory to God. The youth take part in various Gospel fests and meetings held by the Bangalore Civil Area Youth (BCAY).

The most recent fest attended by YFL was Arpith, a gospel fest organised by the St Andrews’ Church, where YFL was declared the overall winners of the fest. The other activities of the Youth involve occasional breakfast sales to raise funds for the youth activities. The most recent project that the youth has started, is to organise a sports fest for the church members from the 21st to the 27th of August this year. The youth are working along with the other wings of the church, aiming to raise funds though breakfast sales. Through all this YFL aims at bringing themselves and the whole church congregation as a whole, closer to God. As the founder of our church, Rev S T Pettigrew, rightly said “Ad Majorium Dei Gloriam” – For The Greater Glory of God, the youth stands strong to glorify God Almighty.

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