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It gives me immense pleasure to write a few lines about the spiritual growth of our children in the Sunday School.

On an average, 50 children attend the Sunday School regularly. They are grouped according to their age groups. There are 5 classes. Namely,

Beginners below 6 years

Primary Between 6 and 8 years

Juniors Between 9 and 12 years

Inter mediate Between 13 and 14 years

Seniors Between 15 years and 17 years


The Sunday School comprises of a team of 9 dedicated Teachers and 3 Enthusiastic Volunteers.



Aunty Kiruba George, Aunty Rosely Paulos and Ms.Ann Deva Priya are with Beginners;

Ms.Diana Evangeline Jayakar and Ms.Sumathi Charles teach the Primary kids;

Mr.Charles Babu and Mr. Vasanth Ebenezer are committed to Juniors;

Ms.Mercy Jayakar  works with the Inter-mediates; and

Ms.Glory Victor and Ms. Hannah John serve the Seniors.




Mr.Carlson Parker leads the singing session. In his absence, Mr. Vasanth Ebenezer and Mr.Jabez Reinhard take over Praise and Worship time.

PC Representative: Ms.Joy Harrin Prakash

The year 2015-16 has been a year of challenges and has given us enough opportunities to raise to the current spiritual needs of our children. Special programs during every month was organized to keep children engaged in the learning process. Bringing out the best in them was another area that we tried with.  Children responded well to all the events.

Calendar of Events 2016  | Calendar of Events 2015


A brief Introduction:


Dear Parents of our Sunday School children,


We are glad that God has been on our side in reaching out to children from whom we carry a message every Sunday that we meet. We give all glory and honour to Jesus Christ our Saviour who has been so very kind in understanding our need to share and experience His divine LOVE in the Sunday School.

This year 2016-17, the Sunday School Curriculum followed will be from the ISSU –Indian Sunday School Union, Conoor. The ISSU has been a pioneering organization in developing Sunday School material and promoting the ministry of Christian education and nurture throughout India.

We, the team attended a workshop to understand this prescribed curriculum and are happy that a structured lesson plan will be followed henceforth. Every child will be given his/her copy of the book while we the Teachers practice based on a designed teaching manual.

Be assured dear parents that the well defined and tested scripture lessons will enable our children to develop an imaginative expression of learning from the scripture passages resulting in ultimate happiness. Children will go through the process of posing questions, seeking answers from the scriptures, memorizing Bible passages and praying.


Join us and support our efforts through your prayers.


- Sunday School Team

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